Upgrade ITEC Website to Feature the Latest Release of Drupal CMS

ITEC provides robust process software and e-document software solutions to the Arab region, thus enabling private sectors and government organizations with the ability to streamline operations and achieve higher levels of security. As part of that mission, ITEC strives to stay abreast of the latest developments while delivering clients relevant benefits through a range of localized applications.

As an experienced website development company in Amman, Yadonia Group was recently contracted by ITEC to upgrade their website to include the latest release of Drupal content management system. The new Drupal CMS offers ITEC a number of benefits, including the opportunity to easily organize their data. Along with offering more enhanced SEO, the new website upgrade will also make it easier for customers to access information about ITEC’s services.

Easy-to-use web interfaces provide ITEC with the ability to update and control site content. The flexibility offered by Drupal also provides for an infinite arrangement of website content. With unlimited options regarding website development, ITEC will now be able to provide visitors with an easier method for gathering information and initiating the purchase of services. The modular design of Drupal makes it possible to expand the ITEC site in stages passed on the needs of the client. Consequently, as a result of phased development, ITEC can disperse their budget while still taking advantage of numerous benefits while their website grows.

As part of the upgrade provided, Yadonia Group also developed an Arabic version of the website. Now, ITEC can take advantage of the opportunity to reach clients without worrying about language barriers.

ITEC Image Technologies Website Update by Yadonia Group