Website Design for Dar Alarkaan Housing & Real Estate Development

Yadonia Group recently signed an agreement with Dar Alarkaan Housing & Real Estate Development Co. to design their corporate identity as well as a real estate listing portal. Dar Alarkaan is a leading housing and real estate developer. The company is currently poised for significant growth.

As part of the agreement with Dar Alarkaan, Yadonia Group was contracted to develop a corporate identity design package that would include a business card, large and small envelopes, letterhead, and folder. A new logo design served as the cornerstone for the corporate identity. Featuring a bold red, white, and black color scheme with the company’s logo and motto, the new materials will make it possible for Dar Alarkaan to establish an easily recognized corporate identity that will support their plans for future growth. Along with enhanced visibility, the new corporate and logo design will provide Dar Alarkaan with a strong visual message that will lend their company greater credibility and a professional appearance that will help to differentiate the company from their competition within their industry.

Corporate Identity & Website Design for Dar Alarkaan by Yadonia Group

In addition, Dar Alarkaan contracted Yadonia Group to develop a new website that will be used as a real estate listing portal for the company. The new website development project will make it possible for Dar Alarkaan to provide updated information about the company’s listings, thus reaching a broader audience and providing listed properties with a greater amount of market exposure. Together, the new website development project and corporate identity design package will support Dar Alarkaan‘s quest to continue growing into one of the most successful real estate development companies in the region.