Website Development For Babel Contracting Co.

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Babel Contracting Co. to develop their website, do the company branding, and to manage the company social media channels.
Babel Contracting Co. based in Amman – Jordan is a contracting company that is committed in employing the latest technology to produce high quality construction projects. This company has received the golden award for quality & business prestige.
Website Development For Babel Contracting Co.
Yadonia Group developed the website using the latest technology by making it responsive and user friendly, we also gave it a new professional design which gives full background of the company, the services they provide, and their long list of projects supported by graphics for the finished projects. The website is designed with high degree of finesse to suit the company’s goals and visions. We also designed their corporate identity and company profile to enhance their credibility when approaching new clients.
Also, we are managing the company’s (Facebook, Linkedin) channels to spread the company news & services among different classes of society.
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