Website Development For Flight Exam Online

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Flight Exam Online to develop and design their website.
Flight Exam Online located in Amman – Jordan is a website that offers students flight exams in order to prepare themselves for the actual exam. This website offers studying and taking exams online. The website has more than 10 thousand different questions for pilots and flight engineers. In order to take the exam or study the student must pay the registration fees.
Website Development For Flight Exam Online
Yadonia Group developed this website using the latest technology by making it responsive since mobile phones are used in almost everything in our daily life so making the website responsive will make it easier for students to log in to the website.
We also designed the website and gave it a professional yet practical design, since the visitors of the website are seeking certain things so we made all the information categorized to make it easier for the students.
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