Yadonia Group recently signed an agreement with Iraq Economics & Business Magazine Co. to develop their website. The magazine specializes in providing economic news and business news specifically for the Iraqi market.

As part of the recently signed agreement, Yadonia Group will be responsible for developing a website for the magazine that will allow interested individuals to learn more about the publication. The website will be designed in the Arabic language and will feature a responsive website design. By utilizing a responsive website design, we are able to ensure that the new website for Iraq Economics & Business Magazine Co. can be conveniently and easily accessed from a variety of different mobile devices, thus extending the reach of the magazine. The responsive website design will also provide the owners of the magazine with substantial cost savings, as they will be able to reach a larger audience with a single website design. Additionally, the responsive website design will eliminate the need to develop and maintain multiple websites.

Website Development for Iraq Economics & Business Magazine Co.

At the same time, this website design will provide users with a more interactive experience. In addition to the ability to access the magazine’s website from any device at any locations, the responsive website design will also provide a more enhanced browsing experience. When complete, the website design in the Arabic language will ensure it is easily accessible to the local population.

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