Yadonia Group was recently contracted by the Saudi Society for Health Administration to develop a new website in both Arabic and English based on Word Press CMS and including an online intranet. The use of Word Press CMS will significantly reduce the procedure associated with operating the website. Due to its user-friendly interface, the new website will prove to be quite simple for the Saudi Society for Health Administration to update. Compared to other content management systems currently available on the market, the WordPress CMS features a much smaller learning curve. In addition, the WordPress CMS makes it possible to post images, text, and multimedia effects without any difficulty. The Society will also be able to easily customize the website to increase special features and improve its overall functionality. Additionally, the code generated by the WordPress CMS also makes it much easier for search engine crawlers to index the site, making the website incredibly SEO friendly. The translation of the site’s content into Arabic and English will ensure that the Society is able to reach a broader global audience.

Yadonia Group Develops Website in Arabic & English for the Saudi Society for Health Administration

The use of an online intranet will provide the Saudi Society for Health Administration with the opportunity to save time as well as money. Ultimately, the online Intranet will reduce the amount of time that the Society’s employees must spend on relatively routine communication tasks. The program will also be able to grow with the needs of the organization, thus presenting the opportunity to tap into even more valuable savings over time.