Website Development For The American Center For Oriental Research

The American Center for Oriental Research (ACOR) is headquartered in Amman, Jordan and promotes research and publication across a variety of disciplines with a particular emphasis on regional archaeology. ACOR approached us with the need for a new website to promote their activities. As part of the solution Yadonia Group designed for ACOR, we included the opportunity to create pages with animations and flash graphics, while a news and event feed keeps visitors quickly updated on ACOR’s latest activities and opportunities. An integrated mailing list and photo gallery gives users the opportunity to interact with ACOR on a more personal level. The newly developed site also provides an opportunity for visitors to the site to donate to ACOR. Directed donations are also made possible through the intuitive design of the site. The website design we developed for ACOR also features a comprehensive library that allows the organization to share information regarding their publications. A fully functional search catalog functions makes it easier for users to quickly locate desired information for a more exceptional user experience. Users interested in obtaining information about ACOR’s hostel can obtain an overview as well as make convenient reservations online from the organization’s website. In order to provide users with the highest level of service, the ACOR site is available in English as well as Arabic.

Website Development Company in Amman, American Center for Oriental Research