Website & Logo Design For Daktoor Medical Consultation

Yadonia Group always seeks individuality and creativity in their work and clients, so they contracted with Daktoor Portal, a medical consultation business based in USA and provides medical consultations for people around the world and especially for the Middle East.
Website & Logo design For Daktoor Medical Consultation
In addition to the logo design, we designed a very practical and user friendly website that provides a variety of services for its visitors. The visitor can submit his/her medical inquiries and upload attachments to get a second medical opinion from a certified American doctors. The doctors will be members of the website, who will be chosen carefully to guarantee trust worthy consultations. The website is in English and Arabic, because it exclusively targets Arab visitors.
Yadonia Group seeks perfection; therefore we provide our services with a high level of excellence to satisfy our customers. Call us today to know more about the various services we provide.