Website Update For JCS By Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with JCS to develop and design their old website. JCS is a returning customer for Yadonia Group, in 2008 we developed their old website.
JCS located in Amman – Jordan is a professional non-profit association working in the Information Technology and Telecommunication Sector. It is considered the first in its field across the Middle East as well as the Arab world. Since they aim to advance the level of workers on computers and to increase the level of technological and scientific knowledge they contracted with Yadonia Group to update their old website to suit the current technological development.
Website Update For JCS By Yadonia Group
Yadonia Group gave the website a brand new design that has all the necessary information about the association and its services. It also clarifies the requirements of how to get a membership in the association.
We developed the website using the latest technology by making it responsive and user friendly due to the increasing number of mobile phone users. The website is in both English and Arabic.
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