Ya Marhab is a website that offers great deals for limited time only. There are a lot of things that we want to get and buy, but they are not always affordable, so this website is like every day is Black Friday. If you saw something somewhere and it was too expensive, then this website is your destination.

Ya Marhab Designing Services By Yadonia Group

Yadonia Group collaborated with them to design their corporate identity and logo, that would position their brand and explain their services at a high level. Establishing and aligning a visual identity is beneficial for corporate communications. We created envelope and business card to provide in-depth service and product descriptions.

Since a logo must be uniquely yours, inspired by your company, products, and services, the logo we designed reflects, in one image, the full message and identity of Ya Marhab. It inspires, and it generates confidence. The logo indicates to customers that the brand is reputable and safe. We used joyful colors for the logo and put this smile giving shape, to make the customers feel that the company is trust worthy and it seeks their satisfaction.