Yadonia Group Completed a Responsive Website for National Poultry

Yadonia Group recently completed a responsive website design for the National Poultry Company. National Poultry Company is a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte, one of the leading integrated producers and food marketers in the world, including the Middle East. National Poultry Company began production of poultry products in 1997 and specializes in serving the local Jordanian market. Today, National Poultry Company is the largest such company in Jordan. A newly established meat processing operation will soon assist the company in the export of meat products to other markets in the Middle East.

Our approach to the company’s request for a new website involved the use of a responsive design that would make it possible for the website to be viewed in mobile devices with a different template other than the template that is commonly used for laptop screens and normal desktops.

Yadonia Group Completed a Responsive Website Design for National Poultry Company

Due to the number of benefits offered by responsive website design (RWD), it has become increasingly popular among many website owners. Among the most important of those benefits is the fact that it provides website owners with greater ease of use and cost savings. Rather than the need to create multiple websites that need to be maintained and updated in a separate manner, clients can instead benefit from the use of a single website design for all devices. This also helps to lower hosting costs because it is only necessary for the client to pay for hosting for a single site rather than paying for hosting for many different sites.

Users who visit the site are able to benefit from a more enhanced experience. Along with being able to access the site from any device from any location in the world, users are also able to benefit from a better browsing experience thanks to the responsive website design. By offering clients a wide range of tools for website development in Amman, Yadonia Group is committed to complete customer service.