Yadonia Group Designed a Company Profile for MIM Co. Ltd.

Maaden International Industrial approached us with the need for a printed company profile to be designed for their company. The design that Yadonia Group developed for the company included the opportunity to provide information about the company’s core products and services. Yadonia Group also included high quality photos and graphics in the profile design to provide an in-depth view of the company’s operations and services.

Maaden International Industrial Company Profile Design by Yadonia Group

This multi-page profile concisely explains why the company is set to become an emerging leader in their industry while also clarifying their mission to establish themselves as a market leader by producing outstanding quality products. The easy to read design of the profile we created gives readers the ability to quickly ascertain the company’s most critical competitor advantages. Well-positioned graphics take prospective customers into the company’s engineering department and manufacturing facility to obtain a personal view of what sets this company apart from other steel product manufacturers. The profile design is concluded with a professional contact page and a reminder of the company’s selling points to assist prospective clients in making a purchasing decision. Bright colors and the utilization of the company’s logo work together to create a cohesive, professional design that will serve the company well in their efforts to continually broaden their marketing exposure.