Yadonia Group Designed Corporate Identity & Logo for Corinthi Co.

Yadonia Group recently contracted with Corinthi Co. to design their logo and corporate identity in order to improve its performance and to take it to another level.
Corinthi Co. is based in Amman – Jordan and it provides engineering consulting for engineers and workers in the field to improve their performance beside projects testing. They contracted with Yadonia Group because they needed a logo and corporate identity that enhance their image in front of their clients and to attract their attention. In the current increasing number of various companies the only thing that distinguishes the company beside its services is its logo, which is considered a key factor that affects clients. Doing the branding will step up the competition of the company, since they are considered important essences in marketing.
Yadonia Group Designed Corporate Identity & Logo for Corinthi Co.
Through this agreement between Yadonia Group and Corinthi Co. the designing team was able to understand the needs of the corporate to reflect their seriousness and their abilities in providing services for their clients. Yadonia Group team of designers with a great designing abilities were able to come up with a sharp yet attractive designs which gives the corporate a professional and elegant look.
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