Yadonia Group Designed Custom Email Marketing System for OPEXPRO

OPEXPRO is a company specializing in guiding organizations through transformation by providing operational excellence consultation services. The company offers a number of areas of expertise, including Total Quality Management, Problem Solving Techniques, Customer Relationship Management, and soft skills, such as leadership and communication. As part of their service array, OPEXPRO needs to be able to interact with clients in a reliable and effective manner.

While OPEXPRO already had a solid marketing plan in place, they needed a more robust email marketing system to support their overall communication and marketing efforts with their clients. After evaluating their needs, we provided OPEXPRO with a Newsletter System that featured an external SMTP gateway. This solution was specifically designed to provide them with the increased capacity they needed for their email marketing campaign. The system we developed for OPEXPRO features the capacity for 1,400 e-mail/hour and 100 MB inbox disk space.

Yadonia Group designed a custom email marketing system solution for OPEXPRO to support their operational consultation services

Yadonia Group also developed the email marketing system to include four webmail applications (SMTP, ESMTPS, POP3, IMAP, and SSL/TLS) compatibility. We rounded out our email marketing program design for OPEXPRO with 25 GB bandwidth per month. As a result of this new solution designed by Yadonia Group, OPEXPRO is now able to take advantage of a much more robust e-mail marketing system to support their overall marketing campaign.