Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Ocean Aligners Co. to design and develop their website.

Ocean Aligners Co. based in Amman – Jordan is a dental lab that makes aligners based on doctor’s prescription. They make clear removable aligners to make it easier for patients to use them. They contracted with Yadonia Group to get a website that can go along with the technological development.

Yadonia Group Designed & Developed Ocean Aligners Co. Website

Yadonia Group designed a professional website to suit the nature of the lab. We developed the website by making it responsive and user friendly, we also developed it using the one page design concept which made it easier to scroll through the website to know the necessary information without the need of going to internal pages.

The website offers two level of access, one for the doctors so they would create an account and put their full information allowing them to place orders online to manufacture the needed aligners, and one for the website users so they search for a nearby doctor to book an appointment.

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