Yadonia Group Designed Ekal Co. Company Profile

Yadonia Group recently signed an agreement with Ekal Co. for human recourses to design and to do their company profile copywriting.
Ekal Co. is located in Riyadh – KSA, and it specialize in human resources. It was founded about a year ago. Its purpose is to recruit workforce from abroad to suit the specific needs of its clients in different sectors. Ekal Co. is considered a contributor in the development of society for participating in meeting the increasing need for workforce and employers, As a result of the rapid development in the Middle East.
Yadonia Group Designed Ekal Co. Company Profile
One of the goals of the agreement we signed with Ekal Co. is to do the company profile copywriting in both English and Arabic to suit different nationalities. Yadonia Group also designed the company profile to fit the business nature of the company. The design of the company profile has an important role in attracting clients to the business.
Yadonia Group provides special designing services for its clients to help them market their services. They also provide website development services by using the newest technology. Visit our website for inquiries and to know more about the services we provide.