Yadonia Group recently signed an agreement with Dr. Qutaiba Darwesh to develop and design his clinic website, design the logo, and managing his social media channels.

Dr. Qutaiba Darwesh is a consultant orthopedic surgery and his clinic is based in Amman, Jordan. He got The Arab Board in orthopedic surgery.

Yadonia Group Designed Logo & Website For Dr. Qutaiba Darwesh Clinic

As part of the agreement, Yadonia Group designed the logo of the clinic which is considered a great factor in rising up the clinic reputation. Also, Yadonia Group developed the clinic website which contributed in marketing for the doctor services among a larger number of potential clients.

Also, Yadonia Group is managing the clinic’s social media channels which helped deeply in spreading the doctor’s reputation and work and it opened wide doors for him to reach the various classes of society.

Yadonia Group specializes in providing various services to help companies reach their targeted clients effectively by developing websites and managing social media channels.