Yadonia Group Developed 1946 Jordan Brand E-Commerce Website

The 1946 Jordan brand is dedicated to providing a range of products that display Jordanian love and loyalty. The creative line of products offered by 1946 Jordan is designed to cater to a uniquely modern Jordanian lifestyle while still maintaining a strong cultural heritage.

We were recently contacted by 1946 Jordan to develop their e-commerce portal. As part of our solution, we designed a portal that would allow visitors to make purchases through the site using two different payment options; cash upon delivery and standard online payment. Consequently, 1946 Jordan will be able to leverage the trend among many shoppers to make online purchases using their payment option of choice. Whether a customer is at home or traveling, they can still browse the wide array of products offered by 1946 Jordan.

By utilizing only the highest quality services, Yadonia Group was able to implement an online payment option through Visa that allows customers to make secure purchase through the 1946 Jordan e-commerce site. The introduction of the e-commerce site will allow 1946 Jordan to reach a far larger pool of customers while providing quick, convenient access to their many products. Whether customers are located in Jordan or elsewhere in the world, they will be able to shop confidently from the 1946 Jordan Brand website.

As an experienced website development company in Amman, Yadonia Group worked with 1946 Jordan to develop their website into a robust e-commerce portal offering two different payment options for the convenience of customers.

1946 Jordan e-Commerce Portal Development by Yadonia Group