Yadonia Group Developed 2K Company Website

Yadonia Group recently contracted with 2K to develop and design their website to empower it with the next level of technological development.
2K based in Amman – Jordan is an architecture company that provides various services like engineering, interior design, hospitality, and others. Their services are of a high quality and they executed big projects all around the Middle East like Aqaba bay resort, Al Jaza’er Tower, Gulf Oasis Center, and many more. As a company that uses the latest building design and construction technologies they needed a website developed with the latest technology.
Yadonia Group Developed 2K Website
Yadonia Group with their great designing abilities came up with an exceptional design to the website, in which it provides full background of the company career and detailed information about the projects they have finished. This refined design suits the reputation and excellent services of 2K company.
We developed the website using the latest technology by making it responsive and user friendly because they are considered very important factors in marketing since the use of mobile phones in our everyday life is constantly increasing.
Yadonia Group has a team of experts that provide website development for companies to take their business to the next level of technological development. If you are interested in our services call us now.