Yadonia Group Developed Faza Group Website

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Faza Group to develop their website and to give it a brand new design.
Faza Group is a holding company based in Amman – Jordan, it was established in 1969 and it owns a chain of companies like Total Fitness Center, Faza Drugstore, and many other companies. The products distributed by this company are from international companies, therefore they needed to get their website updated to keep up with the current development.
Yadonia Group Developed Faza Group Website
Yadonia Group developed the website using the one page design concept allowing to show all its contents on the main page. With the growing number of people accessing the Internet from their mobile phones, we made sure to develop the website using the responsive technology to offer an easy and unique experience for visitors, all they have to do is simply scroll through the website without clicking around to find the information they need.
We also gave the website a very professional design by using a footage film in the background to attract the visitor’s attention.
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