Yadonia Group Developed Four Poster Designs for ACTED

Yadonia Group was contacted by ACTED to design a set of four posters that would be used during a community hygiene promotion campaign. ACTED, the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development is an apolitical international relief campaign initially created in Afghanistan in 1993. Headquartered in Paris, this private non-for-profit organization offers a variety of interventions with a goal of covering an array of humanitarian crises.
As part of our contract with ACTED, we were tasked with designing four different posters that would transmit key hygiene messages. With a plan of using the posters during interactive promotional events, the posters included graphics, writings, illustrations, and pictures and were required to be appropriate for Syrian and Jordanian peoples residing in Northern Jordan. The first poster we designed for ACTED reflected a clear water conservation message and was targeted at both adults and children in order to illustrate the scarcity of water in Jordan and the importance of not wasting this valuable resource. We also designed a poster for ACTED that illustrated the link between poor hygiene practices and disease. The third poster in the set was targeted at children and illustrated the importance of hand washing and provided information on specific techniques. We also designed a poster targeted at adults that illustrated proper waste disposal methods. Upon completion of the graphic work, we provided ACTED with high-resolution electronic versions of the posters.
Creative Poster Design for ACTED by Yadonia Group
Due to our past experience in developing successful promotion materials, we were able to provide ACTED with the poster designs necessary to assist the organization in achieving their goals.