Yadonia Group Developed JIS Academy Website

Recently, JIS Academy approached Yadonia Group to have a website developed and designed using the latest technology, and also to manage their Facebook channel.
JIS Academy is an educational place working towards professionalism. They provide different services like arranging educational courses, training programs, activities & workshops, diplomas, and events. They use great teaching strategies in an unconventional ways, thus they wanted a website that can show their elite services in a professional way.
Yadonia Group Developed JIS Academy Website
We developed the website using the best technology by adding new distinct features to it. The website has a calendar for the academy upcoming events and also it has a registration form to enable students to apply online. We are also managing their Facebook page by posting about their courses and seasonal offers.
Yadonia Group always seeks originality and new techniques in its works, therefore they never fail to meet the needs of its clients.