Yadonia Group Launches Electricity Kingdom New Website

Yadonia Group worked closely with the Electricity Kingdom team to establish a new look and feel for the brand. We assisted in the development of an all new appearance. We chose photography that could clearly communicate the complex service offerings that they provide and combined that with our narrative design style. The result was a beautiful responsive website with clear and concise messaging that’s usable on any platform.
They undertook a complete redesign and restructure of their web presence from the ground up. Our main goals were to communicate who Electricity Kingdom is, highlight their Journey, and attract visitors through appealing and interesting design.
Yadonia Group Launches Electricity Kingdom New Website
The website has an easy to use content management system that would provide the ability to efficiently and effectively manage the website content, documents and pages. Due to the business nature of the company we made the website in English and Arabic.
About Electricity Kingdom
Electricity Kingdom was established in 2000. It is a leading holding company focused on investing in and elevating Jordan’s various economic sectors with a current focus on the energy and utilities sector. It manages 35% of Jordan’s electric power distribution. Their vision is to become the first company in the region to reinvent the business model of electricity distribution companies.