Yadonia Group Managing Zuhair Khalaf Facebook Page

Yadonia Group was assigned to manage Zuhair Khalaf Housing Company’s Facebook page since Facebook is one of the most impactful social media platforms for businesses. Not only is Facebook advertising effective and affordable, but it allows customers to reach new audience that they may not have otherwise.
The key of connecting with consumers on social media is to meet them where they are, and since a lot of people use Facebook that means that if you want to be where your customers are, you need to advertise on this powerful social media platform.
Yadonia Group Managing Zuhair Khalaf Facebook Page
Facebook allows us to easily advertise the company’s services by posting about new available apartments with pictures to attract more interested buyers.
About Zuhair Khalaf Housing Co.
Zuhair Khalaf Housing Company was established in 1977 and is specialized in building small and medium sized apartments. It is considered as an active member of the Investors Association in the Jordanian Housing Sector. During its years of activity, It has achieved great success in advancing the city of Amman and reaching the highest levels of performance. Zuhair Khalaf Housing Company has built a great reputation in all of Amman.