Yadonia Group Newest Client Jordan Boats

Our best-in-class designers produced a design that is consistent through the website and intuitive. Yadonia Group team analyzed user’s behaviors and explored different approaches to enhance the feel of the product for the users.
There was a consensus that significant business advancement or technological innovation were hampered so long as it remained in use. The more the company would grow, the less functional its software would become. Therefore, we updated the old website and used the latest technology to develop and design the new website.
Yadonia Group Newest Client Jordan Boats
The website has all the elements of a successful website like responsiveness and dual languages English and Arabic.
The logo is designed so swiftly and with eye soothing colors that give the impression of elegance and finesse. In addition to the company’s name, we added a shape that gives the indication of a boat and a boat sail.
About Jordan Boats
Jordan Boats was established in 2001. As one of the leading manufacturers in aluminum boat industry in the Middle East region. They specialized in high-tech, durable, and safe aluminum welded boats. This achievement has not been justified by itself, but by the clients who experienced the perfection and high quality boats they tested and purchased. Jordan Boats products continue to display excellence in design and performance.