Yadonia Group to Redesign the Website for Ministry of Culture

Yadonia Group recently reached an agreement with the Ministry of Culture to redesign their website using the latest technology available in the market. The Ministry of Culture promotes the dissemination of information regarding a variety of important Jordanian events and festivals as well as information regarding art, literature, and cultural centers and museums. Via their website, the Ministry of Culture hopes to enhance the spread of information regarding Jordanian culture.

The Ministry of Culture is actually a returning customer to Yadonia Group. Four years ago, Yadonia Group was responsible for the initial design and development of the Ministry’s current website. The newly designed website will be available in Arabic as well as English. By designing the new website in English as well as Arabic, we will be able to assist the Ministry of Culture in broadening their reach and further expanding knowledge regarding the culture of Jordan. No longer will visitors be limited to those who are able to read and understand Arabic.

Website Design for Ministry of Culture by Yadonia Group

Our re-design of the Ministry of Culture‘s website will be based on the use of the latest technology currently available. This will ensure that the new website will provide users with the most comprehensive experience possible. Individuals from around the world who are interested in learning more about the Jordanian culture will now be able to do so with ease.

As an established website design company in Amman, Yadonia Group has worked with a number of notable organizations to provide a host of website design and development services in Arabic as well as English.