Yadonia Group Updated Locanda Hotel Website

Recently, Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Locanda Hotel to develop their website and to do the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Locanda Hotel located in Amman – Jordan is a hotel that provides musical themed rooms like Um Kalthoum room, and Fairouz room. The hotel aims to give its guests an exceptional experience inside and outside the hotel therefore they wanted a website that can reflect their exquisite services.
Yadonia Group Updated Locanda Hotel Website
With the latest technology, Yadonia Group developed the website by making it responsive and user friendly. We developed an online reservation system so now guests can choose the room they want to stay in and the period of their staying. We also did the SEO for the website, which will help in making the website appears at the top of searching results in the most known search engines. This development will increase the sales of the hotel.
In addition to that, we designed the website and gave it a really attractive design displaying pictures of the rooms of the hotel and also giving full information about the local attractions that might attract the attention of the tourists staying in the hotel.
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