Yadonia Group Updated Mena Itech Co. Website

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Mena Itech Co. to develop their website and to do the website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Mena Itech Co. located in Amman – Jordan specialized in selling various human resources information systems all around the Middle East to all types of organizations and companies. They have various types of systems like MenaHR, Mena360, and other systems. They are considered a very important contributor in the development of society since they enhanced the performance of companies’ employers and employees.
Yadonia Group Updated Mena Itech Co. Website
Yadonia Group developed their website to go along with the current technological development by using the latest technology. As a result to this development, the website became responsive and user friendly, which will help in marketing the website among a larger number of people. The website is in both English and Arabic. We also did the SEO for the website, which will help in making the website appears at the top of searching results in the most known search engines. This development will increase the sales of the company.
Yadonia Group provides the best development services to its clients to increase their profits and market their services. Contact us for more information.