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Best Shared Hosting in Riyadh

Websites have become the mode of operation in this modern age. Every individual, company or business wants to have a platform by which they can access every individual in the whole globe. Developing a website is a process that is finalized by hosting it in the internet servers so that it becomes accessible to people in the whole world. Now that you are reading this article, I am sure you are looking for a host. The following are just some of the reasons you should consider Yadonia Group.

We offer shell access

If you are slightly advances then you might want to select a host that offers shell access. This is simply a service that allows you to log into your server from the command line over SSH. This allows you to copy files in a secure manner up and down and change the file permissions for a whole group in a quick manner. This is a feature that Yadonia Group offers for the clients. We offer the Best Shared Hosting in Riyadh because we have technology that is up to date.

We have a back up

It is a fact that hosting servers are just big computers that are able to lose information in case of any malfunction or any malicious activities. We recognize that and that is why we offer a back up for you. You therefore do not need to look for a back up by yourself.We back up your site files and databases so that in case you need them even though the website has not been tempered with, we can give them to you. Best Shared Hosting in Riyadh is the solution to your worries therefore.

We have extra applications

Apart from content management systems, you need other applications that examples set ups for social features like forums, bulletin boards, mailing lists. Just in case you are running an online store, some hosts will offer applications for commerce. In this manner the activities in the website become easier and enjoyable. All this are offered by Yadonia Group as Best Shared Hosting in Riyadh. We have extra applications that improve the security of your website protecting it against suspicious activities. Welcome today and let us enjoy the experience of web hosting together.

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