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Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh

Currently, the business sector serves a major role in the society; providing employment inclusive. To make this possible, however, global access must be made available and this is mainly accomplished by use of dedicated hosting servers. Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh provides you with the opportunity to access and purchase dedicated servers with special features. Below are a few of the many features of the servers they provide;

Absolute access to server

With Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh, the client has complete access to the server. The client is able to configure settings to meet the requirements that are beneficial to his/her business. This is made possible by the fact that control panels are featured in servers purchased from Riyadh. The control panels also have an added advantage because it enables global access via remote access.

Bandwidth employment

Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh provides clients with servers that come with a bandwidth guarantee of 100 Mbps. The client can however transfer up to 10 TB of data per month over the 100Mbps. This improves the rate of data flow and allows the client to go about his/her businesses efficiently as well as fast.


Clients are attracted to quality services provided at reasonable prices. Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh has the client's interest at heart by maintaining fixed prices for commodities they purchase. In spite of an increase in the prices, old clients are not affected by this rise and can still access services at their original prices for a lengthened period of time.

Data back-up

Many clients suffer a great loss of data in the cases of cyber-attacks or instant server break downs. Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh ensures that the client does not suffer this loss. There is provision of remote back-up and scheduled off-site back up;the client can as well purchase space in 10GB blocks. Data back-up ensures data is archived and can later be recovered when need arises.

Technical support

Dedicated Hosting Server in Riyadh is equipped with qualified and experienced staff members that are always ready to intervene whenever a problem comes up. Availability of hot lines in the Riyadh website enables the client to contact the server providers for inquires on products or ask for support. The work force, therefore, is reliable and assures you of top quality services.

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