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Domain And Hosting In Jeddah

​When it comes to issues of Domain and Hosting in Jeddah, it may sound technical and intimidating to newbies. There is a lot to learn about hosting and domain names. In addition, there are a million and one providers offering Domain and Hosting in Jeddah services. A quick search on the Internet will reveal many service providers. This may be confusing for clients who are seeking Domain and Hosting in Jeddah services for the first time. Here are a few factors that may guide newbies.

The big players

Every industry has its own big fish. This often translates to higher prices. In the web hosting industry, there are companies that have created a niche for themselves. Their prices are a bit high. In return, clients get to experience excellent customer care, infinite attempts when it comes to reselling services, 24/7 technical support and extensive documentation.

The cheap players

There are several providers who offer hosting services at a cheaper and affordable price. This is usually ideal for small business owners and individuals. It is ideal for people operating on a tight budget. Once traffic hits high on your site, one may be compelled to seek a different operator. An operator who has the ability to handle the traffic is the most ideal option.

The ones who let you do stuff

While choosing a web provider, it is recommended that you get one who allows some extent of flexibility and control over the sites. However, different service providers will offer different packages. Whatever option you settle for, always ensure you have some degree of control and flexibility over your website.

FTP and SSH access

The FTP and SSH enables the computer to communicate directly to the servers and the website. One of the benefits of this direct communication is that it is the only way to fix a goofing site without waiting for the customer care and technical support team to intervene. It is important to ensure that the service provider offers the FTP and SSH access.


Reliability is key. Seek the services of a service provider who will ensure that the server is up and running at all times. The uptime should be not less than 99 per cent.

Good reviews

The first step is identifying about 3-5 companies that offer such services. Take your time to do a little research on them. Reading reviews about the selected company will greatly guide as you make a choice.

These are a few aspects that must be considered.

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