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Google Page Rank Algorithm is Still Alive

Google had provided confirmation in March of 2016 that they had officially killed off Google Page Rank system for everyone outside of Google. That meant that Page Rank data will no longer be available to the public to view but internally though it is still being used in Google's ranking algorithm. Yes, to the outside world it seemed that the number one search engine, Google has actually killed off its very popular Page rank. But insiders say that it is very much alive and kicking because it is an important part of search engine optimization. It will always be used as one of the most critical deciding factors in attributing value to any domain out there.

But then why does Google say that it is dead when many still believe that Page rank is still working? This is because Google's Toolbar Page rank is dead, and not the tool. Confused? So were we. This toolbar used to allow you to check how well a domain ranks. The toolbar used to be updated 3 or 4 times annually and it was a metric that was used by many SEO practitioners. It helped them determine a domain's potential ability to rank well, but this is not what is happening any more. This is simply due to the fact that Google is unwilling to share with us any front end metrics after the December of 2013. Until then, the Toolbar PR was being updated and every user was able to see how their or someone else's page ranked. But this is where the actual catch lies and therefore it is safe to say that the Real Page rank is still alive & well and Google uses it to determine the worth of any page or website on the internet.

Although the PR & algorithm updates always happened in real time and the domain would go from PR2 to PR3, but the website's real PR wouldn't update overnight. The only change would be in the ToolBar Page rank because the actual site was most probably a PR3 even a few weeks before the update rolled out. Page rank is still considered as being one of the most revealing & critical metrics that govern the ability of a domain to rank well. But like pointed out earlier, since December 2013 Google chose not to update & share this information. This has been in an attempt to make their search results more difficult to decipher and manipulate. Even if experts or hackers out there find one way to manipulate these results, Google will work to find a way to break that practice. Therefore it is always wiser to include organic search engine optimization techniques always. Use keyword and phrases in the most relevant form in your web content instead of relying on metrics that are not even within our understanding anymore.
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