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Essential Elements Of A Social Media Marketing Strategy

Need help getting started with your social media marketing efforts? Do you have anything planned yet or are you just beginning to contemplate it? We all want to attract and engage social-media fans and make them our true followers. This helps us in converting them into paying and loyal customers.

For that what you need the most is to map out a clear internet marketing plan of which social media should be an integral part.

Your plan should be goal-oriented and well in place and if you don't ensure that, it will be obvious to your existing customers and potential fans alike that you are disorganized. What that does in addition to damaging your reputation and brand is that you stand to risk losing sales. Yes, this is the easiest way to send your audience to your competitors and you don't want that, not even in your wildest dreams. There are some things or rather a few essential elements that make up for your social media marketing strategies.


Yes, underrated many times, a proper research is what lets you know and understand your audience better. You need to recognize what topics and interests they are most social about. Yes, going social means going undercover to begin uncovering their pain points so that you can come up with the right medicine for them at the right time or before your competitor does.

This also lets you know and identify in time what problems they have so that you can work on trying to solve them and come out as a winner brand. A properly done research also lets you in on the choices of social networks your audience finds most appealing. You should know if Facebook and Twitter are their platforms of choice or if they find Pinterest and Instagram more useful.

Key Performance Indicators

Another essential element of your social media marketing strategy is to identify your KPIs (key performance indicators). Yes, they measure your progress toward your predetermined goals. Ascertaining what you want your social media efforts to accomplish in the long run is very important. Do your organizational and marketing goals coincide? Are they quantifiable by any chance? If not, can you find ways to quantify them? For instance, it can be the number of followers you can gain on Facebook for an upcoming charity event that you are sponsoring or perhaps a new product launch for which you need to sell at least 1000 tickets within a month. It can be absolutely anything and they would determine your growth or progress once you are online.

Relevance in content

If you have done a carefully planned research and set forth your indicators, then chances are that you are certain as to what your content should look like to be able to find relevance with your audience. This is only possible if you have done a thorough personality scan of your target audience because anything out of place or remotely less relevant is not going to garner any attention. So, be proactive, be social.

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