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Professional Web Hosting In Riyadh

What makes professional web hosting in Riyadh better than free web hosting? What reasons make most people prefer professional hosting to free web hosting? Here are some of the reasons:


The domain address is what distinguishes paid and free hosting services. Free web hosts will offer a domain name that is inclusive of the company name in the URL. That does not create a professional image as clients may not take their services seriously. One of the advantages of paid hosting is that the clients get a personalized domain name. As a result, a unique identity is created for that business on the online front.


Paid and professional web hosting in Riyadh is very reliable. With free hosting, the web host may not offer the same up time as the case for professional hosting. In most instances, sites under free hosting suffer a lot of downtime. Downtime has a lot of negative implications to businesses. Loss of customers and revenue are some of the implications. The advantage of professional web hosting in Riyadh is that the clients are assured of 99.9 per cent up time guarantee. That is what makes businesses successful.

Search engine rankings

Every inline businesses wish to achieve higher search rankings in this digital era. The problem with free web hosting is that so many unprofessional links and irrelevant ads will keep popping up on the sites being hosted. Spammers tend to have a field day on such site too.

However, with professional web hosting; one does not have to worry about such issues. Instead, a professional web host will ensure the site being hosted receives higher and better visibility online.

Bandwidth and storage

Professional web hosting will allow individuals to choose from various packages available. They will not limit the storage and bandwidth space allocated to their esteemed clients.

Free web hosting limits the resources allocated to a single user. Exceeding the allocated limit will affect the other users. In additions, there are a lot of restrictions. For instance, if one exceeds the allocated bandwidth allocated, the services may be terminated or the client is forced to upgrade. With professional hosting, the client can upgrade or downscale whenever they please.

Support assistance

What happens when your site develops some technical issues? For free web hosting, one may be forced to do the troubleshooting by themselves. Better still, they can hire a webmaster. However, with professional hosting, there is a technical team in place to handle such cases. Businesses and individuals under paid hosting receive professional technical and customer care support all round the clock.

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