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Reliable Web Hosting In Riyadh

What would you consider or define as being Reliable Web Hosting In Riyadh? What factors or aspects must be considered for Reliable Web Hosting In Riyadh?

While seeking hosting services, most people may not understand the basics. This is especially true for newbie's. The article will discuss in details some of the basic facts associated with Reliable Web Hosting In Riyadh.

Reliable Hosting basic facts

Bandwidth and disk space

The amount of storage space allocated to the server user is referred to as disk space. Images, audios, text and web files are stored in this space.

On the other hand, the amount of traffic allowed to access and leave the website is known as the bandwidth. By access, we mean the number of visits made to the sites. Leaving entails downloads, listening to audios or photo viewing.

The amount of space and bandwidth allocated to a user will depend on how busy the site is. For instance, websites that have a lot of graphics will need higher storage capacity and greater bandwidth.

FTP and website creator

If you are starting out on website creation, free hosting is ideal. This is because free web hosts offer free templates. All you need to do is create a website by a choosing the preferred template.

File transfer protocol or FTP is the protocol used during file and data transfer from the computer to the server and vice versa. It allows users to upload and download files. Data back is done using the FTP. A reliable host provider should offer unrestricted FTP access 24/7.


Email is an important aspect when it comes to hosting. A good host provider should offer their clients email services. In addition, having a webmail interface is an added advantage. It will enable users to login and manage emails from the web browser. Other additional email features that must be considered include SMTP and POP3 access. It will make email access easy on mobile devices.

Support and uptime

Having a host who provides excellent customer care support is a must. The customer care team must be reached at anytime. It may be through emails, live chat, phone call or submitting a ticket.

No host is in a position to offer 100 per cent guarantee uptime. However, 99 percent guarantee uptime is allowed. Some of the measures that must be taken include 24/7 network and server monitoring and onsite power supply.


Pricing should not be the only determining factor when seeking hosting services. However, the amount charged should correspond to the services offered.

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