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Shared Web Hosting In Saudi Arabia

Shared Web Hosting In Saudi Arabia is a hosting plan loved by many people, thanks to its affordable prices. It is budget friendly. As a matter of fact, compared to other hosting plans, it is the least expensive and more popular.

Before jumping to the Shared Web Hosting In Saudi Arabia, there are a few facts that one needs to understand. Shared hosting plan is not ideal for everyone.

Shared Web Hosting In Saudi Arabia definition

For a website to appear on the Internet, the files, software applications and pages related to the site need to be stored in a server. It is the server that connects the files and pages to the Internet making it visible to the world.

There are various hosting plans available. Some hosting plans allow a single server per client. However, with shared hosting, different users share a single server. This means that all the resources allocated to that server will be shared by all the users.

The responsibilities of the client and the web host

With shared hosting, the maintenance of the servers is the responsibility of the host provider. Some of the maintenance practices carried out includes:

  • General maintenance
  • Upgrades of softwares and servers
  • Replacing drivers

The client has a responsibility too. The client has full control on the features contained in the control panel. They are tasked with activities such as:

  • Monitoring traffic
  • File uploading
  • Installing applications
  • Setting up emails

Since a single server is shared by several people, each user will be allocated a certain amount of disk space, features and bandwidth. These features are controlled via the control panel.

Why choose shared hosting

Here are a few reasons why one should choose shared hosting:

Price - It is affordable. A discount is given to those who pay in lump sum annually.

Scalability - Host providers have different packages. Naturally, the smallest package has the least bandwidth and storage space. The vice versa is true. Choose a minimum package that allows upgrades as the site grows.

Features - There are so many features included in hosting packages currently. In addition, there are popular scripts that add functionality to the sites.

Where Shared hosting may not be ideal

Performance - Web sites that receive a lot of traffic will not benefit from shared hosting. A spike in traffic will result in system problems.

File restrictions -With shared hosting, the smooth running of some applications may not be possible. Some functions may be restricted too.

Resource restriction - Many host providers claim to offer unlimited services. However, that is not the case. Any exceeded allocated limit will affect server performance.

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