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There are very many types of hosting but we let us talk about two major types of hosting which are common. One of them is shared hosting where the server is leased to more than one website and there is sharing of space on the server. The other one is dedicated hosting which is the opposite of shared hosting. In this type of hosting there is no sharing of the server and the server is leased only to one website. Yadonia Group offers you both types of hosting. The following are some of services we offer.

We allow you to choose the operating system

Most of the hosts will offer Linux as the operating system since it is the most common type operating system. Their servers may not have the ability to accommodate other operating systems such as windows. At Yadonia Group we do not restrict you to one specific type of operating system because we understand that your business may require applications that are diverse. This is why we are a special type of Web Host in Riyadh. Our servers support the latest types of operating systems and applications.

We back up your information

We acknowledge the fact that computers just like any other machine can develop errors that leading to lose of information. We therefore have a backup plan for your important data so that you do not start from scratch again. We are a Web Host in Riyadh that does not take chances even though we trust our machines. We therefore welcome you to come and experience these amazing deals.

You can have more than one domain

Sometimes you want to host an extra domain when you already have another one hosted. It is always something convenient to host with the same company. This is not however easy with some of the hosts because they only allow you to host one domain. Yadonia Group allows you host limitless domains without encountering any problems. What are you therefore waiting for? Make us your Web Host in Riyadh and enjoy this service. We promise you that your website will be an asset rather than money consuming a liability. We believe in empowering you so that you empower us.

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