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How Can White Space Help Your Site?

An intelligently designed website is one of the key elements in driving traffic, promoting your content. A well balanced site will make a decent impression on the visitors when they land on your site via your social media marketing campaign. There are number of factors that make a website worth visiting including the genuineness of the content, layout, images, etc. White space is another factor which is more than necessary for a successful website.

Now if you are wondering what a white space is and why is it important, then let me tell you that it is nothing but blank white space. However, this blank space is necessary as it plays an important role in making a site better in many ways. This empty space is not a wasted space but, in fact, is the one thing that gives your website a little room for breathing.

White space, however, can only be effective if you use it in just the right amount. While too much space might display lack of content, very little white space could your site look as if it is stuffed with way too much material. It also makes your site light and easy to load. Here are few reasons why you should use just the perfect amount of white space:

Less distractions – When the visitors are provided exactly what they are looking for, they are very less likely to leave the site. This allows them to stay on the site for longer period of time, which is exactly what you want. However, if there are too many distractions on your webpage, the readers might get distracted. These distractions include irrelevant ads, promotions, etc. This may not only make the site slow, but also make it difficult for the readers to understand what they are reading. A study conducted recently has proven that a good amount of whitespace increases the users' comprehension by 20%.

Allows highlighting – If there is a decent amount of whitespace in your site; you can easily highlight important things by making them bigger. This can include bigger fonts as well as images. This one of the most important factors in making your site and social media marketing campaign successful as it helps grab the attention of the readers where necessary.

Acts as a Separator and creates balance – Whitespace gives your site a professional look as it allows you to maintain balance. Your site might have a different images, graphics and boxes of texts according to which you must use the amount of whitespace. This saves you from making your site too crowded with content and makes it easier for the visitors to read and focus with ease. Moreover, it separates images from each other making each component different and easy to read.

Enhances understanding – If your site contains long texts with very less space between the lines and paragraphs, it becomes difficult for the readers to understand and they often end up losing track. This ultimately causes them to bounce off from your site. You must ensure you add in a sufficient amount of whitespace not only between the lines and paragraphs, but also on all the sides of the body. This ensures a better understanding as it is easier for the readers to stay engaged.

Creates a good impression – Different factors are responsible for creating a good impression of your site. These factors include the originality of the content and how interesting it is, images, etc. Another factor that plays an important role in the matter is tidiness, which not only comes from the layout, but also the right amount of whitespace used. This adds elegance and decency to your site and gives it a professional look hence impressing the people who visit your site.

Dealing with such complex things can be a bit difficult. Therefore, you must go for a professional in order to make both your site and social media marketing campaign successful.

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