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Latest News

Amaz Holding Corporate Identity & Website Design By Yadonia GroupAmaz Holding Corporate Identity & Website Design By Yad...
Amaz Holding is a holding company which invest in many projects related to real estate, medical, and engineering. They wanted a groundbreaking start up in the fierce business field, so they invested in Yadonia Group to give them that start up. Amaz Holding partnered with Yadonia Group to help with  ...
Gamers Mobile App By Yadonia GroupGamers Mobile App By Yadonia Group
Yadonia Group was approached to design a mobile app that is meant for gamers just like the name of the app. The app has all what gamers possibly need and want from gaming consoles, accessories to gaming CDs. This app has a wide selection for customers to buy from and it provides it all with a very e ...
Website Development For Access Justice MeWebsite Development For Access Justice Me
Yadonia Group is working with Access Justice Me to design their logo and develop their website. Access Justice Me is a Law company that tries to make a change in this profession by providing help to people in their cases. They approached Yadonia Group to get a website that will be up to the standar ...
Brand New Website For IPCO By Yadonia GroupBrand New Website For IPCO By Yadonia Group
Yadonia Group signed an agreement with IPCO (International Promoter’s Co.) to develop and design their old website. IPCO is a returning customer for Yadonia Group, in 2009 we developed their old website. IPCO is a private company that was established in 2001 in Amman – Jordan. They plan exhibitio ...