Yadonia Group Developed Bristol Hotel Website

Yadonia Group signed an agreement with Bristol Hotel to develop and design the hotel website.
Bristol Hotel based in Amman – Jordan is a first class hotel that offers high quality services for its guests to make them feel comfortable and satisfied. The hotel offers special services like free breakfast, free wifi, fitness center and other exquisite services. They wanted to get their website updated to go along with the technological development so they contracted with Yadonia Group to get the best results.
Yadonia Group Developed Bristol Hotel Website
As part of the agreement, Yadonia Group developed the website and gave it a brand new technological update by making the website responsive and compatible with all the devices and also user friendly to give the website visitors a unique experience. Also it is in both English and Arabic so that it would suit the guests of different nationalities.
We gave the website a new elegant and professional design that fits the quality of services the hotel provides. The website displays pictures of the rooms and the different relaxing areas in the hotel to draw the attention of potential guests.
Yadonia Group provides special designing and development services for its clients using the latest technology to help them market their services. Visit our website for inquiries and knowing more about the services we provide.